The B-Line Trail – NORTH Tours

At Tour With Us KY,, it is our specialty to custom create a unique tour experience for our clients. Each group of friends and family have unique personalities and goals that help dictate each tour’s activities and destinations. We are always excited to help craft a unique experience for your touring party! With that said, we are excited to announce a few starting packages that can serve as a helpful framework when laying out your special experience. 

Deeper Dive

Let’s dive a little deeper into our B-Line Trail North tour. This tour package is a half-day experience, lasting approximately 5 hours. During this trip, you and your touring party will visit 3 different distilleries: New Riff Distilling, Second Sight Spirits, and Boone County Distilling Company. 


You can bookend your B-Line Trail North tour with a meal in one of the many Bourbon infused restaurants in Northern Kentucky. When we lay out the details of your tour, we can customize your pick up and drop off location to be any restaurant, hotel, or entertainment destination that you desire! During the tour, you are welcome to bring snacks and appetizers or even boxed lunches to have in transit between distillery tours. 

The 3 Distilleries

The 3 distilleries on the B-Line Trail North will offer each touring guest a comprehensive look at different ways Bourbon is crafted and cultivated. New Riff Distilling is located in Newport, KY and has been in operation since 2014. Housed in a relatively new and large facility, New Riff will lift your spirits and give you new insight to the art and science of award-winning bourbon making. Second Sight Spirits is an artisan distillery located in the small town of Ludlow, KY. Second Sight has focused on bringing the art of handcrafted distilling back to Northern Kentucky, also producing several other spirits other than bourbon. Boone County Distilling Company will provide a truly historic experience, their legacy spanning centuries of distilling history. 

Your B-Line Trail North experience is a perfect starting point in your bourbon journey. Due to its length and geographical closeness, booking the B-Line Trail North is a perfect addition to other weekend or vacation plans. We encourage you to fill out your day with a special brunch or dinner, a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, or Newport Aquarium! Let us help you make your next family or friend gathering special, educational, and memorable. Visit to see more details about the B-Line Trail North as well as our other tour packages.