It’s here! That long-awaited bourbon trail tour with Tour With Us KY is only a couple days away. Time for you and your guests to prepare for an afternoon of bourbon adventures. As you start packing, here is a simple list of items that can maximize enjoyment and minimize inconvenient interruptions of your tour:


  • Dress For The Day –  Your outfit for the day should be one in which you both feel comfortable and look good. Remember there are likely to be LOTS of pictures taken during the tour. Be sure to check the weather, not only at your departure, but also at your destinations. If rain is in the forecast (nooooo!) consider ponchos instead of umbrellas to keep your hands unencumbered and give you one less thing to carry (and lose). There is always some degree of walking outside (between buildings etc.) so a light jacket may be necessary.
  • Where The Rubber Meets The Road – A tour always involves considerable time on your feet. Today isn’t the day to break in those new pumps! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes you can depend on. Some distillery tours require walking down dirt or gravel paths on the grounds. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.
  • Say ‘Cheese’ – A good camera is a ‘must’ on any tour. Today most of us have an adequate camera built into our cell phone (don’t forget your charger!). However if someone in your group is an amateur photographer with a high-end camera, it’s worth asking them to consider bringing it. Don’t forget to make time for a group photo to commemorate the day!
  • Every Day Starts With A Good Breakfast – Today isn’t the day to skimp on eating a good breakfast. Your tour day could be very busy prior to your scheduled meal. Besides, distilleries will offer you samples of their fine products and you don’t want to enjoy those on an empty stomach.
  • Treats and Goodies – Depending on how much you’ve packed into your day, it might be quite a stretch until lunch or dinner. Be sure to pack a cooler of water (or whatever else your thirst demands!) and a basket of snacks and appetizers. You can always bring home what you don’t indulge in but you can’t indulge in what you don’t bring along!
  • Expect the Unexpected – If you or someone in your group is prone to headaches or an upset stomach, be sure to bring a variety of over-the-counter medications along. The route to many distilleries involves driving down some curvy, hilly country roads. Having some dramamine on hand for motion sickness can make the difference between a miserable day or an enjoyable day for you or someone in your group.

Forgot something? Need something along the way? No problem! Our tour guide is at your service and ready to make whatever accommodation needed to make the most of your day. When you travel with Tour With Us KY, you will experience first class tour service. Contact us today to set up that perfect group tour!