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As you may know, bourbon has been made in Kentucky for more than two centuries. There are stringent rules about what differentiates bourbon from the more generic “whiskey.” Our state’s natural resources, including limestone water, robust corn crops, and oak trees used to make the barrels, have contributed significantly to Kentucky’s historical ability to make the flavorful spirit. In fact, nearly 95% of all bourbon is still made in Kentucky.

Because of this long heritage, there are many passionate locals who love to share their knowledge about our signature beverage.

On this page, we’ve gathered a number of resources for you. Our Featured Distillery series gives you a closer look at the craft distilleries of Northern Kentucky.

Our “Recommended Podcast” section shares our favorite shows for in-depth discussions about bourbon.

We are also proud to share our favorite source for bourbon-themed gifts, as well as additional resources for the Northern Kentucky region, a “Gateway to Bourbon Country.”

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How to Properly Taste and Enjoy Bourbon

How to Properly Taste and Enjoy Bourbon

Over time, bourbon has created a sort of culture around it, dedicated to finding the best way to experience it. And as most people in the community will tell you, there is a difference between drinking and tasting bourbon. You will also hear that tasting bourbon is by...

6 Health Benefits of Bourbon

6 Health Benefits of Bourbon

The majority of the world's supply of bourbon whiskey comes from the United States, more specifically, the state of Kentucky. Bourbon gets its signature flavor and color from aging in charred oak barrels for at least two years. It has a long history of being...

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