Health and Safety Procedures



With the release of the updated CDC guidelines, we will no longer require temperature checks for our quests. Although we encourage our employees to get fully vaccinated, we do not require it, nor do we require proof of vaccination of our guests before or during a trail experience.

This has been a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, and we will continue to ask everyone to play their part. We ask our guests to continue following local and federal health guidelines, and to continue recommended common-sense health practices that include hand sanitizing. Keep in mind the distilleries may have varying safety requirements, so please bring a mask and follow all protocols.

We will continue our SHARED RESPONSIBILITY by:

  • Disinfecting all vehicles between trips according to industry, state, and EPA guidelines. This includes a treatment that is electrostatically applied ensuring 100%
  • Sanitizing all interior areas, entries, exits, seatbelt buckles, armrests, seats, window shades, and windows. This also includes wiping door and overhead bin handles, as well as dashboard and control surfaces.
  • Providing for our guest hand sanitizer and masks.


For additional information regarding the CDC guidance, click HERE