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About Us

About Us

Tour with Us KY brings Kentucky’s bourbon heritage to life. Partnering with meetNKY and the B-Line, we offer expertly crafted tours for an unforgettable experience. Join us, sip responsibly, and explore the essence of Bourbon Country with our passionate team.

Kentucky natives sharing our bourbon heritage.

Professional, punctual, and trustworthy bourbon adventures.

Enjoyable, safe, and memorable bourbon journeys.

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Client-Crafted Bourbon Adventures

Connie C

Touring bourbon distilleries in the Bluegrass State is close to heaven. Thanks to Willie our driver and TOUR WITH US KY for one of the best experiences ever!

Jennifer K

Our driver Keith was very accommodating and took us through 3 very different experiences. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! We will look for more experiences at future auctions or reasons to plan another experience.

Mollie B

We had the best day…sipping bourbon, wine, and learning the history of several great places. Highly recommend Tour with us KY!


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Bespoke bourbon adventures, meticulously crafted for an immersive and personalized journey through Kentucky’s rich heritage.

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Secured transports and meticulous planning ensure your safety, letting you focus on savoring the bourbon experience.

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With 50+ tailored experiences, we redefine excellence, delivering authentic, unforgettable moments on every bourbon adventure.

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Reliable, comfortable transport services ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys for your group’s bourbon experience.

Express Trail to Augusta, KY

Curated bourbon experience for 8-12 people. Distillery tour, dinner, and exploration.

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The B-Line Trail Southbound

Immerse in unique bourbon discoveries. Exceptional tours, flavors, and seamless travel await. Reserve now!

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Custom Trails & Events

Explore multiple trails with expert suggestions. Let us enhance your bourbon experience.

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The B-Line Trail North

Unveil Bourbon Bliss: Distillery tours, tastings, transport. Book now for unforgettable, crafted experiences.

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The B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta

Immerse in heritage. Exceptional tours, tastings, and seamless travel. Begin your bourbon odyssey!

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Our Process

Explore our curated bourbon tours in just a few clicks. Your journey begins here.



Uncover curated bourbon venues and distilleries, defining your journey into Kentucky’s spirited history.



Relish exclusive tastings, gaining insights from experts, and enjoying the finest bourbons in Bourbon Country.



Venture through historic towns, embracing the essence of Kentucky’s unparalleled bourbon heritage and culture.



Conclude with a stylish ride home, sharing memories of an unforgettable bourbon-filled adventure in Northern Kentucky.


Visual Spirits

Journey through our captivating Bourbon Country experiences in this rich visual chronicle of memorable moments.


Bourbon FAQs: Your Quick Guide

Get quick answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience with Tour With Us KY.

What is the B-Line?

The B-Line is a curated collection of Northern Kentucky’s best bourbon purveyors and craft distilleries. Our tours center around the craft distilleries in the northern part of Bourbon Country: New Riff Distilling, Second Sight Spirits, Boone County Distilling Co., Neeley Family Distillery, and Old Pogue Distillery.

What do you recommend for distillery tours and tastings?

Beginning in Northern Kentucky, we provide destination experiences along three “B-Line Trails.”  Each of these trails provide a tour & tasting experience at three destinations.

  • The B-Line Trail North. Boone County Distilling Co, Second Sight Spirits, and New Riff Distilling.
  • The B-Line Trail Southbound. Boone County Distilling, Neeley Family Distillery, and the Kentucky Artisan Distillery or Three Boys Farm.
  • The B-Line Trail to Maysville and Augusta. The Old Pogue Experience at the Kentucky Gateway Museum, Old Pogue Distilling, and Baker-Bird Winery and B-Bird Distillery.
Do you provide destination experiences to other distilleries?

Most of our trail packages are to “craft distilleries” beginning in Northern Kentucky. We can also curate a day for your group to the larger distilleries such as Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, and Wild Turkey, or YOU can plan and book your day and allow us to provide you the transportation for the day. Just tell us where and when to pick up you up, where and when for each of your planned stops, and where and when we are returning you to your drop off location.

What size tour groups can you accommodate?

Our passenger transit vans seat 14 people, but we have found that tour groups of 8-12 people are the optimal size. We can also provide private experiences for smaller groups.

What days of the week do you offer trail experiences?

We offer our B-Line Trails Wednesday through Sunday, and other related services most any day of the week. All bookings are based on availabilities.

What is included in your trail experiences?

Our trail packages include your transportation for the day and all tours and tastings. Your knowledgeable guide will pick up you and your groups at a designated location, such as a hotel, Airbnb or residence. At the end of the day, we will safely return you to your starting point.