Bourbon Bliss Express Trail

Embark on an exclusive journey through Bourbon Country with our Express Trail to Augusta, KY. Experience the art of bourbon-making, indulge in farm-to-table dining, and explore the picturesque town of Augusta in style.

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Distinctive Features of Bourbon Bliss Express Trail

Indulge in the epitome of bourbon excellence with our Bourbon Bliss Express Trail. This meticulously curated experience caters to groups of 8-12, offering an exclusive “pardon our dust” tour at Augusta Distillery, farm-to-table delights at the Beehive Augusta Tavern, and a leisurely exploration of Augusta’s charm. Immerse yourself in unparalleled bourbon sophistication and make lasting memories with our all-inclusive, carefully crafted journey.

Exclusive pardon our dust tour at Augusta Distillery.

Farm-to-table dining experience at the Beehive Augusta Tavern.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of bourbon excellence with our Bourbon Bliss Express Trail.

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Immerse yourself in Bourbon’s exquisite artistry with our Express Trail. Revel in exclusive distillery insights, savor farm-to-table delights, and explore Augusta’s charming allure. Book your unparalleled bourbon adventure today!

Bourbon Bliss

Express Trail Experience
Full Day Agenda

  • 3:00pm Departure: Begin your journey from a location of your choice in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.
  • 4:00pm “Pardon Our Dust” Tour: Immerse yourself in Augusta Distillery’s bourbon-centric experiences with an exclusive tour and tasting, providing an elevated existence for those who appreciate the art of bourbon-making.
  • 5:30pm Dinner at Beehive Augusta Tavern: Indulge in farm-to-table dining, well-crafted cocktails, and the world’s finest bourbon at the Beehive Augusta Tavern. (Note: Dinner and drinks not included in Trail pricing.)
  • After Dinner Exploration: Roam the charming town of Augusta, visiting the Augusta General Store, Augusta Pub, and the historic district.
  • 9:30pm Departure and Return: Conclude your day’s adventure as we transport you back to your drop-off location.


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Package Pricing

1. Trail Price

$1,199 for groups of 8-12 individuals.

2. Extension Option

Prolong your Augusta stay for an extra fee of $100 per hour.

3. Convenience Assurance

If unable to drive home from the drop-off, leave your car behind, ensuring a secure journey home.

4. Gratuities

Gratuities for your driver are appreciated but not included in the pricing.


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Reliable, comfortable transport services ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys for your group’s bourbon experience.

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Explore our curated bourbon tours in just a few clicks. Your journey begins here.



Uncover curated bourbon venues and distilleries, defining your journey into Kentucky’s spirited history.



Relish exclusive tastings, gaining insights from experts, and enjoying the finest bourbons in Bourbon Country.



Venture through historic towns, embracing the essence of Kentucky’s unparalleled bourbon heritage and culture.



Conclude with a stylish ride home, sharing memories of an unforgettable bourbon-filled adventure in Northern Kentucky.


Bourbon FAQs: Your Quick Guide

Get quick answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience with Tour With Us KY.

What does the Trail pricing include?

The Trail price of $1,199 for groups of 8-12 people covers the exclusive “Pardon Our Dust” tour at Augusta Distillery, round-trip transportation, and an unforgettable experience exploring Augusta’s bourbon offerings. However, please note that dinner and drinks at Beehive Augusta Tavern are not included in the Trail pricing.

Can we extend our time in Augusta?

Yes, you can extend your stay in Augusta for an additional fee of $100 per hour. This allows you to immerse yourself further in the town’s charm, explore additional venues, or simply savor the bourbon experience a little longer.

What if we can't drive home after the drop-off?

If you find it inconvenient to drive home from the drop-off location, you can leave your car behind. We prioritize your safety and will ensure you get home securely after your memorable bourbon adventure.

Are gratuities included in the Trail pricing?

Gratuities for your driver are not included in the Trail pricing but are greatly appreciated. If you’ve had an exceptional experience, feel free to express your appreciation for the excellent service provided throughout your bourbon-filled day.