B-Line Bourbon Adventures

Embark on a journey through Kentucky’s bourbon history with our curated B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta. Immerse yourself in the charm of historic distilleries, exclusive tastings, and the spirit of bourbon craftsmanship.

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Crafted Distillery Excursions

Immerse yourself in unparalleled bourbon experiences with our Crafted Distillery Excursions. Delight in exclusive tastings, guided tours through historic distilleries, and the luxury of executive transportation. Benefit from expert insights, personalized attention, and a curated selection of Kentucky’s finest spirits. Elevate your bourbon journey with comfort, knowledge, and the distinctive touch of Bourbon Tours Northern Kentucky.

Expertly guided tours through historic distilleries

Exclusive tastings of Kentucky’s finest spirits

Luxurious executive transportation for an elevated bourbon adventure

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Unlock Bourbon’s Rich Heritage

Embark on a curated bourbon journey with exclusive tastings and guided tours. Luxurious transportation ensures a memorable exploration through the heart of bourbon country. Elevate your experience—book today.

Bourbon Bliss

B-Line Trail Package

Discover our all-inclusive B-Line Trail Package, offering an 8-hour bourbon experience that includes:

1. Transportation

Seamless pickup and drop-off from designated locations.

2. Distillery Experience & Refreshments:

Dive into four unique bourbon destinations with expert guidance.

3. Amenities

Stay refreshed with bottled water and a cooler with ice.


Our Services

Reliable, comfortable transport services ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys for your group’s bourbon experience.

Express Trail to Augusta, KY

Curated bourbon experience for 8-12 people. Distillery tour, dinner, and exploration.

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The B-Line Trail Southbound

Immerse in unique bourbon discoveries. Exceptional tours, flavors, and seamless travel await. Reserve now!

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Custom Trails & Events

Explore multiple trails with expert suggestions. Let us enhance your bourbon experience.

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The B-Line Trail North

Unveil Bourbon Bliss: Distillery tours, tastings, transport. Book now for unforgettable, crafted experiences.

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The B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta

Immerse in heritage. Exceptional tours, tastings, and seamless travel. Begin your bourbon odyssey!

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Our Process

Explore our curated bourbon tours in just a few clicks. Your journey begins here.



Uncover curated bourbon venues and distilleries, defining your journey into Kentucky’s spirited history.



Relish exclusive tastings, gaining insights from experts, and enjoying the finest bourbons in Bourbon Country.



Venture through historic towns, embracing the essence of Kentucky’s unparalleled bourbon heritage and culture.



Conclude with a stylish ride home, sharing memories of an unforgettable bourbon-filled adventure in Northern Kentucky.


Bourbon FAQs: Your Quick Guide

Get quick answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience with Tour With Us KY.

How long is the B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta experience?

The trail is approximately 8 hours, providing a full day of immersive bourbon exploration, including transportation, tours, and tastings at four unique bourbon destinations.

When is the B-Line Trail Package available?

Our B-Line Trail Package operates on Saturdays, offering the perfect weekend adventure. Additionally, we provide flexible options on Wednesday through Friday and Sunday for those seeking weekday bourbon experiences.

What does the trail package include?

The package encompasses seamless transportation to and from designated locations, engaging tours and tastings at four distinct bourbon destinations, and the convenience of bottled water along with a cooler stocked with ice for a refreshing journey.

Can I customize my B-Line Trail experience with additional stops?

Absolutely! Tailor your bourbon adventure by adding a box lunch or stopping for lunch or dinner at one of the B-Line restaurants or bars. We’re here to create a personalized experience that suits your preferences and ensures a memorable day on the B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta.