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Immerse yourself in the world of bourbon with TOUR WITH US KY’s Custom Trails & Events. Tailor-made experiences for special events, celebrations, and corporate outings. Your unique bourbon adventure starts here.

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Tailored Bourbon Excursions

Elevate your bourbon experience with TOUR WITH US KY’s Tailored Bourbon Excursions. Immerse yourself in personalized trails and curated events, carefully crafted to suit your preferences. Enjoy the advantages of expert-guided tours, exclusive access to renowned distilleries, and the convenience of luxury transportation. Whether it’s a special celebration, corporate outing, or a custom-built trail of your own, we make every sip memorable. Discover the allure of bourbon in comfort, style, and safety with our bespoke service.

Craft personalized trails for special events and celebrations

Experience expert-guided tours with exclusive access to renowned distilleries

Craft your unique Bourbon Excursion with us for an unforgettable journey through the world of bourbon

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Experience Bourbon Tailoring

Craft a personalized bourbon adventure with TOUR WITH US KY. Embark on exclusive trails, curated events, and memorable distillery tours. Sip your way through

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Premium Packages

Elevate your bourbon journey with our Premium Packages, offering tailored experiences, competitive pricing, and flexible scheduling. Enjoy the finest distilleries, expert guidance, and luxury transportation. Indulge in unparalleled bourbon bliss.

1. Tailored

Immerse in meticulously crafted, personalized experiences

2. Competitive

Affordable pricing without compromise on luxury

3. Flexible

Convenient scheduling tailored to your preferences for a seamless bourbon experience


Our Services

Reliable, comfortable transport services ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys for your group’s bourbon experience.

Express Trail to Augusta, KY

Curated bourbon experience for 8-12 people. Distillery tour, dinner, and exploration.

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The B-Line Trail Southbound

Immerse in unique bourbon discoveries. Exceptional tours, flavors, and seamless travel await. Reserve now!

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Custom Trails & Events

Explore multiple trails with expert suggestions. Let us enhance your bourbon experience.

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The B-Line Trail North

Unveil Bourbon Bliss: Distillery tours, tastings, transport. Book now for unforgettable, crafted experiences.

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The B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta

Immerse in heritage. Exceptional tours, tastings, and seamless travel. Begin your bourbon odyssey!

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Our Process

Explore our curated bourbon tours in just a few clicks. Your journey begins here.



Uncover curated bourbon venues and distilleries, defining your journey into Kentucky’s spirited history.



Relish exclusive tastings, gaining insights from experts, and enjoying the finest bourbons in Bourbon Country.



Venture through historic towns, embracing the essence of Kentucky’s unparalleled bourbon heritage and culture.



Conclude with a stylish ride home, sharing memories of an unforgettable bourbon-filled adventure in Northern Kentucky.


Bourbon FAQs: Your Quick Guide

Get quick answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience with Tour With Us KY.

How can TOUR WITH US KY help me tailor a bourbon experience?

Our experts have hands-on experience with multiple trails. Complete our short questionnaire, and we’ll hand-select the perfect trail for your customized bourbon journey.

Can TOUR WITH US KY assist with special events and corporate outings?

Absolutely! We take the work out of your special day, offering tailored trail suggestions for events such as board retreats, leadership teams, team building, celebrations, and more.

Do you provide transportation services for destinations outside of bourbon tours?

Yes, TOUR WITH US KY offers transportation services for experiences beyond bourbon, including museums and wineries. Contact us with your pre-booked schedule for a personalized quote.

Can I create my own bourbon tour with TOUR WITH US KY?

Certainly! Go to BOURBON COUNTRY and take the reins on crafting your own trail. Book tours directly with distilleries, and we’ll provide exceptional transportation services to enhance your travel experience. Sip responsibly!