About Us

“We are passionate about our great state of Kentucky. That’s why in 2019, we decided to build a business that could help us share that passion. Kentucky is rich with experiences in art, food, history, recreation, and most uniquely—bourbon! By creating TOUR WITH US KY we can now connect our guests to the amazing destinations and experiences that Kentucky has to offer. We are proud to partner with the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau, The B-Line, and other industry and tourism-related partners throughout the state.”

“We enhance your destination experience through exceptional transportation service, knowledge, safety, security, and convenience.

You can sip responsibly knowing that we have you covered. We are:

  • Professional and punctual
  • Focused on convenience and cleanliness
  • Well-informed, highly prepared, and fun
  • Trusted, safe, and secure” 






Come…Tour KENTUCKY with us!

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