Bourbon as a Gift

Bourbon as a Gift

Alcohol, in the form of fine wine and spirits, is an age-old gift. The booming popularity of bourbon in recent years makes it an ideal gift for the connoisseur in your life. But as you ponder the enumerable options, let us take the time to answer some questions about both your recipient and you!


  • Is The Recipient a Bourbon Drinker or Bourbon Collector? – For starters, what is the difference between the two? Well, a bourbon drinker is one who simply purchases bourbon to consume and enjoy. He/she knows what they like but generally enjoys trying new products too. For this bourbon lover, taking a quick inventory of his/her stock will help you find a bottle they do not currently own. However the rise of bourbon as a status symbol has given birth to bourbon as a collectable item. Of primary concern to the collector will be the bourbon’s age, rarity, and even price tag. Gifts the collector will enjoy are easy to spot. These bottles will often include additional packaging such as boxes or tubes. Also, look for an age statement or year of release. Anything aged in the teens or twenties is likely to be a limited edition the owner may not already own.


  • What They Like vs. Trying Something New – The experienced bourbon drinker likely already knows what he/she likes. Most will have one or two “go-tos” that are their everyday choice. If you are familiar with the person’s liquor cabinet, these would be the bottles towards the front that see replaced most frequently. Or perhaps what he/she orders regularly when dining out. So replacing one of these bottles as a gift is always a safe bet. Another option is to find a spirit from the same distiller that is a little more high end, such as a single barrel. For example if your recipient frequently enjoys Maker’s Mark, a bottle of Maker’s 46 or Makers Mark Cask Strength would likely be very well received.


For the inexperienced bourbon enthusiast, the sky’s the limit! Look for something a little different. For example Angel’s Envy is finished in port wine barrels, giving it a distinctly sweeter finish. If you’re unfamiliar in this area, ask your local salesperson for some assistance.


  • What Is My Budget? – You can spend well over $100 on a bottle of bourbon without blinking an eye. But unless your gift is for the most sophisticated and fastidious of enthusiasts, this is likely not necessary. There are plenty of bottles out there in the $50 neighborhood that are quality drinks and attractively packaged to be suitable as gifts.


Perhaps in this gift-seeking journey, you will find yourself wanting to know more about bourbon and its rich history. Or maybe you are looking for a “bourbon-related” gift. The answer to this is to reach out to us at Tour With Us KY to schedule a tour of some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries!