Bourbon Tours Northern Kentucky Educate About The Storied History Of The Spirit

Bourbon Tours Northern Kentucky Educate About The Storied History Of The Spirit

The history of bourbon goes back to 1780 when midwest pioneers invented and popularized it, making it a wholly American beverage. Today, Kentucky makes over 90% of the nation’s bourbon. That is unsurprising when you consider that Northern Kentucky and Ohio Valley Region is well-suited to grow corn, so bourbon was a natural byproduct of the natural resources.

Northern Kentucky bourbon uses locally-grown corn as a base for the product. Then, the bourbon gets distilled, aged in new barrels, and bottled in Kentucky. Once bottled, the bourbon gets sold across the world!

Bourbon is distilled from corn or wheat mash, then aged in charred oak barrels. This process gives the spirit its distinctive flavor and aroma.

The flavor profile of bourbon derives from three main ingredients: corn, barley, and rye. These grains are malted and then fermented in wooden barrels for several months before being distilled. During this time, the sugars in the grain are converted into alcohol, giving the whiskey its characteristic sweetness.

Bourbon Tours Teach the History of an American Classic

Bourbon tours Northern Kentucky are an excellent way to understand the history of Kentucky Bourbon better. With multiple bourbon experiences available in Northern Kentucky, fans can learn how this classic alcohol gets made.

Northern Kentucky bourbon tours offer a unique opportunity to see the process from start to finish and taste the final product for themselves. In addition, bourbon tastings are available as part of these Northern Kentucky bourbon tours, where fans can savor the distinct flavors that make this spirit unique.

Curated bourbon experiences in Northern Kentucky give fans the best of both worlds. The chance to see and taste bourbon, as well as hear its colorful history, offers visitors the perfect reason to take one of these tours.

Trail tours of Kentucky distilleries provide an excellent way to experience the history of this storied spirit firsthand. Bourbon tours of Northern Kentucky work in partnership with multiple local distilleries to share their passion for bourbon.

Best Bourbon Distilleries in America

When it comes to American spirit-making, bourbon takes center stage. As popularized by Kentucky, bourbon is an American original that dates back to when pioneers created it out of necessity.

While some bourbon is mass-produced, smaller distilleries in Kentucky offer intriguing experiences for their fans. Bourbon tours are a fantastic way to learn about this historic drink while tasting its many varieties. Having tastings are also an essential part of bourbon tours because it lets fans learn firsthand about the differences between products.

The best bourbon distilleries in America are in Kentucky. Pioneers made this type of whiskey to survive during harsh winters. From there, it has become a staple for any American bar cart and an excellent souvenir to take home.

Whether passing through or planning an extended stay, bourbon tours are an excellent way to learn more about this American drink and get to taste it firsthand. Kentucky is among the best places in the U.S. from which fans can sip on its famous spirit and learn more about the history of this intoxicating beverage.

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Bourbon Tours Northern Kentucky