Featured Distillery: THREE BOYS DISTILLERY

Featured Distillery: THREE BOYS DISTILLERY

Three Boys Farm Distillery is situated on our 122-acre farm in rural Franklin County Kentucky. We are distilling single barrel Bourbon and Whiskey of distinct quality. Family owned and operated, our distillery began operations making single barrel bourbons and high quality whiskeys in 2013.

Family is at the core of all of our operations. This is a human-scale distillery. Our goal is to make quality products in a modest environment. Don’t expect glitz from us. We keep it real.


Our still house is a little over 5000 square feet. We have a Copper Pot 6 Plate Column Still with a 1200 gallon Cooker and four 1250 gallon White Oak Fermenters. The distillery includes grain storage bins, a 2000-bushel corn bin and a 400-bushel rye bin.

We are barreling our Bourbon Whiskey and Rye Whiskey for aging.

We run a manual bottling line but have a mechanical one available when our production grows. We are currently bottling our Flavored Whiskey and distilling and aging our Bourbon Whiskey and Rye Whiskey. See more about our lines on our Products page.

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