I’m in charge of planning what?!

I’m in charge of planning what?!

You’ve been put in charge. You’re the leader, the gatherer, the queen-bee… whether it be the next family reunion, high-school class reunion, college fraternity reunion, birthday party, or anniversary trip— it somehow has landed on your lap… Yikes! How are you going to juggle all of the responsibilities in your life and plan an amazing, unforgettable event for your closest family and friends? For some, this task may bring joy and excitement, and for others, it’s a burden… or perhaps a little bit of both? Planning the perfect get-together involves coordination and creativity, and after handling all of the other ‘to-do’s’ in your life, one can find themselves lacking both when it comes to planning an amazing get-together.


Good News! Tour With Us KY not only has what you are going to do planned, they have the details of how you are going to do it! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved; you, as the event planner can rejoice knowing your special event is being handled by knowledgeable experts, and your guests can revel in the anticipated ingenuity and creativity of your event…


So, where are we going? What are we doing? Who’s in charge?


Tour With Us KY is a owner-operated transportation provider that specializes in, but is not limited to, Bourbon Tours in Northern Kentucky, the B-Line, Central Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, as well as other Northern Kentucky tourism destinations. The B-Line is an experience centered around five Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® Distilleries: New Riff Distilling, Boone County Distilling Co., Neeley Family Distillery, The Old Pogue Distillery, and Second Sight Spirits. These distilleries are a short ‘B-Line’ away from what many know fondly as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, located mainly in central Kentucky.


Your small group of 12 or so guests will be privately transported to a tailor-made tour itinerary; including distillery tours, bourbon bars, and restaurants. Our vehicles provide a safe and private experience for your guests to fully embrace all of the experiences a distillery tour has to offer. Tour With Us KY allows you, as the event planner, to kick back and enjoy fellowship and togetherness with your guests instead of fretting about administrative details. We drive, you thrive!

To learn more about the potential of what your next get-together can be, visit us at www.tourwithusky.com. It is our mission to enhance the destination experience through exceptional transportation service, knowledge, safety, security, and convenience. We look forward to starting a relationship with you and planning your perfect Spring or Summer event! You’ll be considered the star planner amongst your friends and family after you book your trip with www.tourwithusky.com