Our B-Line Trail Experiences: A Closer Look

Our B-Line Trail Experiences: A Closer Look

If you’re interested in bourbon and curious about how it’s made, our trail experiences will give you a fun introduction to Kentucky’s bourbon culture.

Our trails are built around the B-Line, a curated collection of distilleries and bourbon-centric bars and restaurants in Northern Kentucky. After all, we’re the Gateway to Bourbon Country.

The B-Line Trail North

Hang with us right here in NKY for this trail experience. After picking up your group, your guide and driver will take you to New Riff Distilling, where you’ll see their huge vats and 3-story well that taps into the aquifer which gives their bourbon its special flavor, which you will get to sample for yourself. 

Fortune will favor you as we visit Second Sight Spirits in Ludlow. This artisan distillery was started by two friends who once designed stage sets for Cirque du Soleil. Once you see the creative details of their lounge and the turban-wearing still, you’ll see how they put those talents to use. Their other talent is, of course, making great bourbon and rum. 

We’ll take you next to Boone County Distilling, where they claim their bourbon is “made by ghosts.” Because this experience is based in the northern part of NKY, you can expect to spend 6-7 hours with us. 

The B-Line Trail Southbound

Heading south, our Southbound Trail includes tours and tastings at three distilleries. The day-long experience begins with our experienced guide and driver picking up you and your group. Your first tour will be at one of the newest distilleries in the area, Boone County Distilling. They opened in 2015, but the roots of bourbon in Boone County go back hundreds of years.

The next stop is at Neely Family Distillery, known during prohibition for their moonshine. They still make it (legally now), so be sure to taste it while you’re there.

The final stop is up to you and your group—either the Kentucky Artisan Distillery, home of Jefferson’s bourbon, or Three Boys Farm Distillery, which specializes in premium single barrel bourbon and whiskey.

The B-Line Trail to Maysville-Augusta

Your driver and guide will take you and your group east along the Ohio River to historic Mason County for this trail experience, which includes a stop at the Kentucky Gateway Museum. You’ll learn about the 1791 Tax Act Rebellion, prohibition and the rebirth of bourbon in Kentucky.

You’ll get to go behind the scenes at Old Pogue Distillery, which was founded in 1876. It was the third distillery ever to register in Kentucky.

Your day-long experience finishes with a visit to the Baker-Bird Winery, which has the oldest wine cellar in America, and the B. Bird Distillery, where they craft their bourbon from a recipe that dates back to the American Revolution.

Extra stops for food and drinks

We love to add stops for our guests, so you can sample the delicious food and creative cocktails of the B-Line bars and restaurants. We can also arrange for a boxed lunch if you desire.

Custom trails

We offer custom trails for your group, in addition to special trail experiences, such as “Bourbon and Horses” at Keeneland and others. Please sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to hear more about upcoming events.

We look forward to sharing our passion for Kentucky bourbon, as well the beauty of our state, with you.