Our COVID-19 Guidelines

Our COVID-19 Guidelines

Responding effectively to COVID-19 is a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. TOURWITHUSKY is working
closely with meetNKY and the B-Line members by following recommended guidelines issued by
state government and the CDC for promoting the health and safety of drivers, guests, and
employees of the B-Line establishments. This includes any place of business that we visit on
our routes.

This SHARED RESPONSIBILITY starts with our guests. It is strongly encouraged anyone who feels sick to
stay home. We suggest each guest check their temperature prior to joining their group for the
day’s trip. During our time together, we also ask our guests to:

• Practice safe distancing.
• Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves where
• Practice good hand hygiene.
• Follow all driver instructions, as well as the signage or instructions of the establishments
that we visit.

For our part, TOURWITHUSKY will:

• Limit any trip to 10 guests or less.
• Disinfect all vehicles between trips according to industry, state, and EPA guidelines. This
includes a treatment that is electrostatically applied ensuring 100% coverage.
• Sanitize all interior areas, entries, exits, seatbelt buckles, armrests, seats, window
shades, and windows. This also includes wiping door and overhead bin handles, as well
as dashboard and control surfaces.
• Require our drivers to take their temperature prior to the start of any trip, practice safe
distancing, and utilize all appropriate PPE where appropriate.

For our guests, we will provide on-board:
• Hand sanitizer
• Sanitation wipes
• Masks
• Gloves

Again, this is a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. By working together, we can minimize the risks
associated with Covid-19 while getting back to the things we like to do, like sipping bourbonresponsibly.