The B-Line Trail: SOUTH BOUND

The B-Line Trail: SOUTH BOUND

​At Tour With Us KY,, we custom create tours for private events such as family reunions, college reunions, birthday parties, anniversary trips… you name the event and we will help you craft a special day that is unique and filled with memories. While each special event will help dictate your specific needs, we’ve designed several tours that are a helpful framework to start your planning!


The B-Line Trail Southbound tour. Is a full-day trip package, lasting approximately 8 hours.  During this trip, you and your touring party will visit 3 different distilleries: The Boone County Distilling Company, The Neeley Family Distillery, and the Kentucky Artisan Distillery or Three Boys Farm Distillery.


When we lay out the details of your tour, we can customize your pick up and drop off location to be any restaurant, hotel, or entertainment destination that you desire! During your tour, you are welcome to bring a cooler of beverages, snacks, and appetizers.


The 3 distilleries on the B-Line Trail Southbound will offer each touring guest a comprehensive look at different ways Bourbon is crafted and cultivated. Boone County Distilling Company has been making fine Kentucky Bourbon since 2015, but their legacy spans centuries of distilling. They proudly declare that their Bourbon is ‘Made by Ghosts,’ the distillers that have come before. Secondly, Neeley Family Distillery  has a long history of distilling and bootlegging moonshine in the mountains of Easter Kentucky. Now owned and operated by the tenth and eleventh generation Neeley’s, they make authentic Moonshine, Bourbon, and Whiskey.


Lastly, your tour will stop at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery or Three Boys Farm Distillery.  Kentucky Artisan Distillery is a small craft contract distillery and bottler, and it serves as the home to the Jefferson’s brand of bourbon.  The Three Boys Farm Distillery is a small craft and contract distillery nestled on a 122-acre farm where they feature premium single barrel bourbon and whiskey.


Your B-Line Trail Southbound experience is a perfect starting point in your bourbon journey. It is the perfect cornerstone to your gathering. Guests can arrive in Northern Kentucky the evening before the tour and experience the restaurant scene in historic Northern Kentucky. After the Bourbon Tour, end your experience at a fine dining establishment to cap off a perfect day of memory making! Let us help you make your next family or friend gathering special, educational, and memorable. Visit to see more details about the B-Line Trail Southbound as well as our other tour packages.