Kentucky Distilleries All Bourbon Lovers Should Visit

Kentucky Distilleries All Bourbon Lovers Should Visit

Kentucky is rather famous for having tons of distilleries of bourbon. After all, most of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky. All of the major bourbon labels come from there. To name a few: Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Woodford Reserve are only some of the brands distilled in Kentucky. One of the main reasons for this is that Kentucky’s weather and environment are an excellent match for bourbon distilling. Due to their global fame and renown, most distilleries in Kentucky over tastings and tours. So, if you’re interested in which one you should visit, read this list of Kentucky distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit and start planning your trip.

Buffalo Trace distillery, Frankfort

If you’re interested in the origins of bourbon, you should pay a visit to the Buffalo Trace distillery. Founded in the late 1700s, Buffalo Trace has a long history of distilling bourbon. During the tour, you’ll learn about the exciting history of bourbon production, as the distillery has a long, storied past. And when the tour concludes, you can try some of their spirits; you might be surprised that the distillery also makes rye and vodka, as well as their famous bourbon. While it isn’t as famous as other labels worldwide, Buffalo Trace is a well-known distillery in Kentucky. And besides just bourbon, you should also consider some must-see whiskey distilleries in Kentucky. After all, variety is the spice of life, and trying some regular whiskey might be the exact thing you need to keep it interesting.

view of Frankfort

Buffalo Trace distillery offers a historical tour about bourbon production


Woodford Reserve distillery, Versailles

Moving onto some of the big names of Kentucky Distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit, the Woodford Reserve distillery is a must-see for any bourbon fan. While Buffalo Trace distillery offers a history of bourbon production in general, during the Woodford Reserve distillery tour you can find out about the creation and history of this specific brand. From its founding back in 1812 up to the present day, the distillery has a fascinating history. And as they will tell you themselves, they pride themselves on their art of making fine bourbon. A visit to the Woodford Reserve distillery is an excellent choice for any bourbon lover. Many bourbon fans move to Kentucky to be close to distilleries like this one. Experts from Best Cross Country Movers note that you should be careful when looking for movers if you plan to do the same. As with anything, you should find a comprehensive online database and look up reviews.

Angel’s Envy distillery, Louisville

Angel’s Envy distillery makes it onto the list of Kentucky distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit because it’s unique. If you’ve ever been to Louisville’s Whiskey Row, chances are you’ve already heard or seen the Angel’s Envy distillery. However, the tours of this distillery are reservation only, and for a good reason. Their tours have unique features, such as Bottle Your Own Tour, which lets you experience the entire bottling process in person. And when you’re done, they let you bring the bottle home. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get up close with the process, a visit to Angel’s Envy is in order. Distilleries like this show why distillery tourism is on the rise in Kentucky. Many bourbon fans from all over the world are coming to Kentucky to see the distilleries themselves. All in all, this means good things for the tourism and bourbon industry.

shelf of bourbon bottles

Besides offering a great tasting experience, Angel’s Envy allows you to bottle your own bourbon and keep it.


Jim Beam distillery, Clermont

We can’t make a list of distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit without mentioning the Jim Beam distillery. Jim Beam is often considered some of the best bourbon available worldwide. And you can see how they make the bourbon in Clermont, where the brand was born. Since its recent renovation, the distillery offers a six-stage, multisensory tour where you’ll get a chance to fill your own barrel of Jim Beam and put your name on it. Having your own bourbon is reason enough to participate in the Jim Beam distillery tour. We’ve already mentioned that many people move to Kentucky to live in the state where bourbon originates from. If you plan to do the same, make sure you prepare for an interstate relocation by finding the best movers and settle down with ease. We would love to show you around Bourbon Country and recommend the best whiskey and bourbon tours.

Heaven Hill distillery, Bardstown

The Heaven Hill distillery is unique among Kentucky’s distilleries. Since its founding in 1935, it hasn’t built a brand of its own. Instead, it keeps a store of over 1,6 million bourbon barrels in its warehouses for several brands. That said, the distillery does, of course, make bourbon on its premises. And when touring, you can get a close look at the bourbon production process. Or, you can enjoy tasting some bourbon at the Bourbon Heritage Center. Because they store so many kinds of bourbon, visiting the Heaven Hill distillery for a tasting is sure to be a much different experience than any other distillery. Also, while planning your trip, you should consider the healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’d be surprised at the health benefits of sipping an occasional glass.

bar of bourbon bottles

Heaven Hill has one of the largest collections of bourbon barrels in the world.


Kentucky distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit – closing thoughts

Kentucky is, understandably, famous for its production of bourbon. And because of this, many bourbon fans from all over the world come to Kentucky. The many distilleries in Kentucky all over their unique takes on bourbon, as well as the tour experience itself. So, consider planning a trip to Kentucky to get closer to where most of the world’s bourbon is made. At the end of it all, you could even walk away with bourbon that you bottled yourself. Of course, you should be careful and always drink in moderation, but for alcohol aficionados, Kentucky offers some of the best-tasting experiences out there. We hope this list of Kentucky distilleries all bourbon lovers should visit helps you plan a trip, and we wish you a good day.

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