Healthy Reasons You Should Be Drinking Bourbon

Healthy Reasons You Should Be Drinking Bourbon

Drinking is quite a controversial topic. Granted, if you overdo it and neglect the importance of moderation, it can have terrible consequences in the long run. However, having a glass or two of your favorite drink from time to time can, in reality, have a lot of benefits. One of the best go-to drinks for many people is bourbon. Whether you enjoy it in the comfort of your home just because or you’re saving a bottle for a special occasion, there’s really no wrong time when it comes to bourbon. Here are some healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon that’ll surprise and delight you.

Relaxing effects

Looking to taste test your favorite drink for fun is as good of a reason as any to book a tour and relax a bit. It isn’t a secret that alcohol can help us relax and let go of our worries a bit. Bourbon, in particular, calms down your nerves and enables you to slow down in your day-to-day life. Of course, you should make sure that you’re not relying on drinking as your only form of stress relief.

A person sitting at a bar, having a drink, and thinking about all the healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon.

Having a shot of bourbon or two can help you relax and have fun

It can help you lose weight

Out of all the healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon, this one might be the least known. Bourbon can in no way be a substitute for your meals and provide sufficient nutrition. Nevertheless, if you consider all the other sugary alternatives out there, you’ll realize that it has one of the lowest calorie counts.

If you’re looking to lose weight and lead a healthier life, merely substituting other alcohols for bourbon probably won’t help you achieve what you want. You need to find a way to implement a healthy diet and exercise into your daily routine. You cannot choose between exercise and diet either. In fact, this common dilemma is something that’s keeping a lot of people from achieving their weight loss goals.

Bourbon can help control diabetes

It has been proven that bourbon can actually help when it comes to preventing type-2 diabetes. It can reduce the chances of getting this type of diabetes when used reasonably. If you’re skeptical about how this may be, it’s actually pretty simple. The antioxidant that’s produced during the aging period that any run-of-the-mill bourbon goes through can be great at managing insulin levels in our bodies.

Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

As you probably know, our body can produce both good and bad cholesterol. Being aware of this and keeping both in check is really important, especially if this is something you struggle with. Your body can actually produce HDL, or the good kind of cholesterol, as a result of bourbon consumption. Likewise, it prevents the bad type of cholesterol from being produced. If this is something that interests you, make sure to schedule the Three Boys Distillery tour and find your preferred drink.

Heart disease be gone

If all these healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon still aren’t enough to convince you to give it a go, there’s more. Moderate bourbon consumption can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Whether you’ve experienced heart problems or don’t have any issues in this field, drinking a bit of bourbon every now and then can be beneficial.

rels that are used for aging bourbon.

During the aging process, the barrel wood releases antioxidants that have many health benefits.

Reduces risk of cancer

Another great thing about bourbon is that it can actually reduce the risk of getting cancer. It does so by not letting out DNA come into contact with harmful nitrosamines. Just like the antioxidants that are created during the aging period that we’ve mentioned in regards to insulin level control, ellagic acid can help prevent cancer. Bourbon is richer in these acids than many other alcoholic beverages.

Boosts your immune system

Something that many have discovered only as the ongoing pandemic has started is that bourbon can protect and boost your immune system. This is something that’s been passed on from generation to generation. Whether you wish to prevent a cold or merely help your body cope with everything that’s going on, bourbon’s a great choice. The reasoning behind it has to do with the dilation of blood vessels. This, together with antioxidants and other components that help with symptoms such as headaches, can work wonders.

Improves cognitive performance

Another great benefit of antioxidants found in bourbon is that they can lower the risk of some serious diseases. Of course, if you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, this definitely isn’t the remedy you’ve been hoping for, but it can help with prevention. However, it’s something you should consider trying as a way to improve cognitive performance.

Reduces hangover symptoms

Although true, this benefit that bourbon can bring is conditioned – you need to drink quite moderately. However, even if you were to go overboard, chances are that your hangover will be far easier to handle than if you were to drink something else.

Get the good stuff

If you’ve loved reading about the benefits and wish to purchase bourbon and make it your drink of choice, make sure you’re getting the good stuff. Bourbon is something that you shouldn’t skimp on. It’s a luxury item. Make sure to lead a balanced life and incorporate bourbon into your routine so that you reap the benefits without experiencing the bad sides.

 A huge variety of bourbon that you can choose from.

Choosing the kind of bourbon that suits you can be overwhelming with such a huge variety. Make sure to get the good stuff.

When should you avoid drinking?

Even though there are many healthy reasons you should be drinking bourbon, they’re unfortunately not applicable to everyone. Of course, if you’re pregnant or might be, this is an obvious sign that you shouldn’t drink alcohol in any capacity. However, if you have any liver-related diseases, are prone to developing addictions, or if you’re on any sort of medication that shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, always consult your doctor. This is the only way to enjoy the beverage safely and the right way.

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