Why You Need To Plan Your BourbonTours Northern Kentucky

Why You Need To Plan Your BourbonTours Northern Kentucky

Why You Need To Plan Your Bourbon Tours – Tour With us KY

Why not enjoy Kentucky’s rich culture and heritage in luxury, comfort, and safety? Bourbon tours Northern Kentucky explores distilleries and renowned bourbon locations throughout the region. You’ll learn more about bourbon from specialists while experiencing unique tasting opportunities that bask you in Kentucky’s famous alcohol industry. 

Understandably, sometimes you want to go touring with friends or family that are not bourbon connoisseurs. That’s why you can always choose from tours for novices. You can drink right alongside those who perhaps have never tasted one of Kentucky’s finest exports. With an expert tour guide, the whole party will learn the bourbon manufacturing process and why it’s a significant part of local heritage.

Kentucky Bourbon Tours Requirements

Luckily, the only requirement to participate in Kentucky bourbon tours is meeting legal drinking age requirements and having your valid I.D. on hand! Of course, knowing a little about bourbon helps, but knowledgeable local guides will teach you everything that you need to know.

It’s all about living and learning new things. You deserve a break from your hectic routine, and Kentucky bourbon tours can give that to you while immersing culture into your life! Enjoy a classic American drink that’s is known globally for its taste.

Check out tours with the B-Line, a curated collection of Northern Kentucky’s best bourbon-centric bars and restaurants centered around five unique craft distilleries.

Start your B-Line experience with a Trail package (for eight to twelve) or build your customized tour, including various participating Bourbon Country destinations. 

The New Riff Distillery Worth Visiting

The invention of the column still was a huge step forward in distilling, and it’s helpful to this day. It yields a more consistent product and is less prone to variation due to temperature swings, allowing distillers to remove many variables that affect flavor. The core Bourbon from New Riff Distilling stems from America’s 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act.

Learn How a Top Bourbon Distillery Operates

This distillery deserves the top spot on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. Visitors to Northern Kentucky can select between the Barrel Proof Tour, Bonded tour, Barrel Proof tour, and Distiller’s Tour for total immersion in the bourbon-making experience at New Riff Distillery.

The tour takes around an hour. From grain to barrel, visitors see the nooks and crannies of our distilling process. In addition, the distillery now provides a cocktail demonstration and enhanced Bourbon tasting or whiskey tasting experiences for private Bonded tours.  

Since the operation is a small, family-owned distillery, tours are always available on the spot. However, it’s best to book ahead since the New Riff distillery gets busy during weekends and holidays. 

Different junkets can accommodate up to thirty people, which is excellent for larger groups such as bachelor parties, corporate team-building outings, birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelor parties. Expect to pay a tasting fee, but know that it’s applied directly to purchasing any bottles or merchandise. If you love bourbon, you will have a fantastic experience during your visit.

Let us help you make your next family or friend gathering special, educational, and memorable.

Visit www.tourwithusky.com to see more details about the B-Line Trail Southbound as well as our other tour packages.

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